Who Are We

Big Head Boys is a lifetime in the making, but the origins came together in the high times of the pandemic. The founders, originally called "Bryant Boys" were Andrew Wood, Toni Guerra, Alex Ediger, and Anthony Miller. 

The Group started as three, then four, then five-Soon enough the group decided to branch out from the one track that is "Bryant Boys" They decided that if one thing described them all as a whole it was a Big Head. 

A year and a half later, The Big Head Boys now consist of many different creatives from filmmaking to music and strive to continue pushing the envelope of simply MAKING.

Fourevor Brain Dead. <3

  • Within the latest line, we see a more mature, sofisticated big head.

    (still brain dead)


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1 of 5
  • The Bryant Boys VOL.2 Collection remains the most popular

Walking Distance

A Original film from bigheadco

An orgiginal feature film written and directed by Andrew Wood, starring many bigheads themselves

James Taula

The newest addition to the big heads

*on set of walking distance

James Taula : Class of 2025. Athelete, designer, actor & producer

  • Bryant Boys VOL. 2

    Coming soon